How #often do you #check the details of a product before buying? We are so influenced by advertisements these days that we tend to overlook very important details such as its nutrition value, ingredients etc. Our brain is trained to get attracted to a #beautifully wrapped thing even if it is harmful inside.

Having said that, not all things are harmful but there is always scope for improvement 😛

Food is the driver of our body and the base of food is the oil it is cooked in. Oil is the one thing we just can’t afford to ignore, right?

We tried out a few oils and are sharing the details of the one we found to be healthy….OLEEV OIL!

Oleev Active everyday cooking oil, with the goodness of Olive oil

OLEEV Active cooking oil is a relatively new entrant in the market by Modi Naturals . Below are a few benefits of this oil:

  • Oleev Active has a High smoking point making it better for frying. Fatty Acid breakdown is prevented at high temperature making it healthier.
  • Absorption of Oleev Active is 20% lesser than others…WOAH!
  • Oleev Active has Zero Sugar, Zero cholesterol and Zero Trans fat


It has Oryzanol than helps lowers bad cholesterol

These are some of the high level points of Oleev Active and the reason why we recommend it to you all!

Price: Rs. 165 per ltr

Still need more reason to buy Oleev Active?

Beeryani, a #famous chain of #restaurants in #Delhi, is cooking all its food only in Oleev Active oil so that the #customers don’t compromise on health while dining out.

Oleev Active gets a thumbs up from us!

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