Domino’s Pizzas now affordable!

As the temperature soars and cricket fever sets on, Domino’s Pizza’s ‘Everyday Value Offer will give pizza lovers additional reason to enjoy their favourite pizza meal with their loved ones.

Order any two Medium pizzas worth Rs. 295 each and get them for Rs. 199 each only!

Great discount, isn’t it? 😀

You now don’t need pizzas only on special occasions rather, make your everyday moments special with Domino’s Pizzas.

Order anytime ,anywhere and spread the happiness 😀

Dil Boley, Domino’s!

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Experience one of the oldest finest breweries in Gurgaon – 7 Degrees Brauhaus #Brew#food#hunger


Baahubali’ discounts at Reliance Fresh

With the long weekend and the release of the magnum opus ‘Baahubali 2’ , it is party time for most parts of India. To celebrate the same , Reliance Fresh , a trusted brand for quality and great discounts, has a week long ‘Baahubali sale’ for us!

From 28th April till 2nd May’17, get amazing discounts with a minimum discount of 20% on essentials such as rusk, paneer flavoured milk, cheese and many more.

Could we wait to go there? No!! Rushed and bought essentials for our favourite drink – Cold coffee, and made a Baahubali jar for the fam bam! 😀

Happy Partying and Happy Shopping!



This is not your story

The day i decided to read  i couldn’t resist myself​ to read i fall in love with the words and the characters the way you described the story of four persons #shaurya ,#Anubhav , #kasturi and #miraya it was speechless.A story of CA,MBA student, interior designer was marvelous. A well written novel with easy language to understand and narrate with your story

A Truly inspiring story everyone please give a chance and read once — This is not your story


Experience one of the oldest finest breweries in Gurgaon – 7 Degrees Brauhaus #Brew#food#hunger

7 degrees Brauhaus…one of the oldest and finest breweries in Gurgaon is still on top even after 5-6 years of running. The reasons are their high quality beer, grand ambience, exotic German food and ofcourse, their clientale of mostly expats.

You won’t find youngsters dancing to Bollywood tunes here and that is their USB. A hip place for people who like to dine in style.

Was here recently for Sunday brunch and boy, we spent 4 hours there without getting bored for a minute. The jazz and rock music in the background is a perfect mood setter.Out of all the beers they serve, the dark beer is a must try. The lager is great as well.

The buffet at 7 Degrees Brauhaus has a large variety of salads and starters laid out temptingly. From Smoked salmon, pita hummus, fruit salad, asparagus and sundried tomatoes and the likes, the spread is quite lavish for the cost.

The buffet also has live counters and they aren’t to be missed. The live pasta counter will leave you craving for pasta for a days. The sausages are simply wow and hey, they have some Indian and Chinese food as well for all taste buds. We tried the Mughlai chicken with pao and some Chinese starters. Grilled black pepper fish , Cajun salad and tenderloin were other attractions of the buffet.

If you think we were done after this, you are wrong! The dessert section was another world in itself with atleast 15 varieties to select from. Brownie mousee, Fruit tart, dutch apple cake, truffle cake ginger honey panacotta, blueberry musse and the list is long!
Better to try it yourself !

Sunday Brunch Price list

12 Noon to 4 PM

Rs. 699 (Kids Brunch)

Rs. 1099 (Food Brunch)

Rs. 1499 (Beer Brunch)

Rs. 1899 (Sparkling Brunch)

For this price we totally recommend this place for the spread is lavish and you can eat for hours! The company is nice and so is the taste. Thumbs up !

More offers:

Executive Lunch

Thu, 12 January 2017 – Fri, 31 March 2017 · 12:00 am – 03:30 pm

3 course set meal only @ 1099/- AI Per Person. Offer valid from Monday to Friday.

Weekdays Offers

Thu, 12 January 2017 – Fri, 31 March 2017 · 07:00 pm onwards

An offer a day keeps the boredom away! Celebrate each day @ 7 Degrees Brauhaus with our delightful weekday offers.
Contact for the details.

Hangover Hours

Thu, 12 January 2017 – Fri, 31 March 2017 · 03:00 pm – 06:30 pm

Unlimited German Brews @ 999/- AI Per Person. Offer valid from Monday to Saturday.


A Man & His #Favourite #Brew 

Men’s Day Special: 

Every man has his go-to brew. A pint of beer in the hand of a man can be quite a way to judge his personality. A window to a man’s soul is the brew he holds and after sifting through some expert takes, this International Men’s Day, we tell you what your favourite suds tell about your personality .

  • Lager gulper

The impulsive and risk taker, lager gulpers think practical and also come up with out of the box ideas. You are easy to get along and are respectful of authority, accepting of most people. They enjoy the motto ‘Carpe Diem’ – of seizing the moment and are humble and sensible. One of the examples of lager is Mahou Clásica. With its bright golden colour, Mahou Clásica is a premium lager that comes with a tinge of fruity flavours. It maintains the original recipe, taste and quality given to its production since 1890 in the lands of Spain giving a refreshing drinking experience. These men remain even more approachable when they reach leadership levels and do not impose authority. Another example is Mahou 5 Star, golden coloured, fine brew that has a distinctively mild and lingering taste. This well balanced beer is made with signature yeast, whose secret recipe is stored under high security in the beer’s originating country, Spain.


  • Ale Master

The ales are dense with high alcohol content and so men who like ales are all about robust, complex and rugged personalities who are capable of surprising you anytime with their personas! Sensible and grounded, you are quick to challenge authority.


  • Craft admirer

Outgoing and extrovert, craft beer admirers are intellectually curious and open-minded. Your taste for beer resemble a lot to your priorities in life as you want to enjoy new and varied experiences. You are quirky and creative and always ready to experiment with newness in life. The free spirit in you will always find a way to celebrate life. Mango craft beer from The White Owl brewery, Mumbai is quite popular among the craft admirers.


  • Draught sipper

Go-getter and strong willed, you are not afraid of what others think of you. You have the taste for the full-bodied and delicious things in life. You like surprises in life and beer both and you are willing to go the next mile to make something better – in work, life and relationships.


    • Strong beer Aficionado

Experience is the word that defines you. Strong beer aficionados are friendly and love to enjoy with their strong beer as company. You love doing everything at extreme levels – from living life to working and you therefore give your 100% to a task at hand. The Indian palates admire strong and bitter taste of beer and majority of the beer drinkers have a liking for strong beer in India. A product in the semi-premium category brewed in India, Dare Devil is sure to impress strong beer aficionados. It has a warm gold colour with a crystalline aspect. It has a characteristically strong and slightly bitter malt aroma and its base notes reflect the fruity flavours.


We would love to know what type of beer lover you are! Comment below or email at and let us know!!

Fix your everyday cooking oil for a fitter body 

How often do you check the details of a product before buying? We are so influenced by advertisements these days that we tend to overlook very important details such as its nutrition value, ingredients etc. Our brain is trained to get attracted to a beautifully wrapped thing even if it is harmful inside.

Having said that, not all things are harmful but there is always scope for improvement 😛

Food is the driver of our body and the base of food is the oil it is cooked in. Oil is the one thing we just can’t afford to ignore, right?

We tried out a few oils and are sharing the details of the one we found to be healthy….OLEEV OIL!

Oleev Active everyday cooking oil, with the goodness of Olive oil

OLEEV Active cooking oil is a relatively new entrant in the market by Modi Naturals . Below are a few benefits of this oil:

  • Oleev Active has a High smoking point making it better for frying. Fatty Acid breakdown is prevented at high temperature making it healthier.
  • Absorption of Oleev Active is 20% lesser than others…WOAH!
  • Oleev Active has Zero Sugar, Zero cholesterol and Zero Trans fat


It has Oryzanol than helps lowers bad cholesterol

These are some of the #high level points of Oleev #Active and the reason why we #recommend it to you all!

Price: Rs. 165 per ltr

Still need more reason to buy Oleev Active?

Beeryani, a famous chain of restaurants in Delhi, is cooking all its food only in Oleev Active oil so that the customers don’t compromise on health while dining out.

Oleev Active gets a thumbs up from us!

Check out all the information you need on